Sport and Education Working Together Toward Inclusion

Sport and Education Working Together Toward Inclusion

Inge and Heidi were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to hear more about their story and the impact they are making in their community. 


Inge and Heidi are Special Olympics Youth Leaders and sisters from Estonia who hope to develop partnerships with Universities, sports clubs and national unions through their Youth Innovation Project.


Inge and Heidi’s project plan is twofold: they hope to hold sport days and events as well as provide education to their community in Estonia about Special Olympics and Unified Sports. During the course of their project, they aim to host three different activity days. People with and without intellectual disabilities will be able to “play Unified in floorball, lacrosse and also have fun at an ice rink.” Inge and Heidi also “aim to introduce the idea of Special Olympics and Unified Sports in the community and in new Unified Schools” through a seminar discussion about Special Olympics held at a nearby University. They hope that youth leaders will have “the opportunity to share their experiences with other youth and be role models for youth both with and without intellectual disabilities” in order to promote inclusion for all.


To Inge and Heidi, the goals of their Youth Innovation Project are “to engage new Youth Leaders; establish partnership with new Unified Schools, sports clubs and national unions; and to provide athletes and partners with wonderful experiences, to participate in different Unified activities and communicate with peers throughout sport.”


Inge and Heidi are most excited to see cooperation and friendship between youth with and without intellectual disabilities. They hope that even after their Youth Innovation Project ends, youth leaders’ cooperation with new Unified Schools will continue. They also hope that a girls Unified floorball team to participate in Estonian Youth Championships will be created as a result of their project.


To Inge and Heidi, being a part of a global Unified Generation means having “the opportunities to meet and share experiences with other Special Olympics youth leaders.” Through their project, these sisters are creating inclusion in Estonia and inspiring inclusion around the world.