New Unified Schools

New Unified Schools

Egle and Kristupas were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to hear more about their story and the impact they are making in their community.


Egle and Kristupas are Special Olympics Youth Leaders who are excited to lead their Youth Innovation Project to establish new Unified Schools in their home country of Lithuania. To do this, they will recruit other Special Olympics Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disability who “will be committed and responsible for organizing Unified Sports,” including gymnastics, bocce, and fitness. Egle and Kristupas believe that by establishing new Unified Schools, they “will grow the inclusion of people with intellectual disability among the young society.” 


Egle explains that the pair drew inspiration for their project from a Special Olympics Athlete Leaders; health and fitness training in Nida. To Egle, “this was an inspiration that we have to change things and to increase the integration. Playing Unified is noble and gives a big pleasure to do something good for others.” 


Both Egle and Kristupas love that they can be a part of this integration. They want to spread the word about inclusion and allow more youth in Lithuania to be involved. Egle knows that as a part of the Unified Generation, she has “a power to help and change something in this world.” Kristupas agrees and recognizes the benefits of inclusion himself, realizing that he is “starting to have more friends, more occupations and more fun by playing unified.” 


It is Egle and Kristupas’ goal “to make people understand that we have to increase inclusion of people with intellectual disability in society.” And with each school they engage in Unified Sports, they are certainly on track to accomplishing that goal!