"Life Hackers" Teaching Life Skills

"Life Hackers" Teaching Life Skills

Bulgan and Elbegzaya were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to learn more about their story and the impact they are making in their community. 


Bulgan and Elbegzaya are Special Olympics Youth Leaders from Mongolia who have been involved in Special Olympics for several years. In fact, Elbegzaya was one of the first Special Olympics athletes in Mongolia and was able to represent Mongolia at the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games Pyeongchang, South Koera. Bulgan is a third-year student at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) and is looking to make a greater connection between the school and Special Olympics Mongolia.


Bulgan and Elbegzaya will work together to lead their Youth Innovation Project with the goal of expanding the Unified movement and creating the first Unified Champion School in Mongolia. The pair will start a program called “Life Hackers” to increase connections between students with and without disabilities at the university.


Life Hackers will serve as an educational program where individuals with and without intellectual disabilities will meet together each week and participate in daily activities important to everyday wellbeing, learning important skills for an independent lifestyle. These activities may include buying groceries, ordering at a restaurant, or completing chores at home. This student organization will assist in the development of skills so individuals with disabilities feel comfortable living outside of home after their time as students. With over 16,000 students on the university campus, this is only one aspect of the project to connect the community to people with disabilities. A Unified club was created where students can engage in both sport and art related activities. Blugan and Elbegzaya are also planning to lead educational and Unified Days at their school every month to engage the community and connect them to the values of Special Olympics.


Both Elbegzaya and Bulgan are excited to lead this project and be a part of the Unified Generation because it offers the opportunity to speak up and express feelings toward people with disabilities and how they are treated in society. As members of this movement, they are taking a stand for inclusion and creating a world where people with disabilities are independent and valued community members.