Expanding the Unified Generation

Expanding the Unified Generation

Jorge and Francisco were named Innovators of the Week! Click here to learn more about their story and the impact they are making in their community. 


Jorge and Francisco are Special Olympics Youth Leaders in Mexico who noticed a need for individuals to be trained about Special Olympics programs in order to spread the message of inclusion into other areas of Mexico. With a goal to recruit more youth, Jorge and Francisco will lead their Youth Innovation Project to reach out to more schools to educate and train the newest members of the movement for inclusion.


As Youth Leaders aiming to bring together youth with and without intellectual disabilities, Jorge and Francisco believe that educating other in the message of Unified Sports will make it easier for each audience to understand each other. It will be information shared between peers that will encourage the importance of inclusion and create friendships along the way.


Jorge and Francisco’s inspiration for their project came from their involvement with Special Olympics Unified Sports teams and the relationships that develop between Special Olympics athletes and Unified Partners. Sharing these stories and information about how to get involved will inspire others to join in the movement as well.


Being part of the Unified Generation as a young person is a motivating factor for Jorge and Francisco. Both are excited to contribute to the movement for inclusion, make a change in society, and create a more inclusive future in Mexico and around the world.