Special Olympics Youth of the Week: Priscilla Price and Eloisa Pichon

The following post was written by Priscilla Price and Eloisa Pichon, a Special Olympics Unified pair from Special Olympics Southern California. In July of 2018, Priscilla and Eloisa attended the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle, Washington to participate in the Youth Leadership Experience (YLE). Along with Unified pairs from across the country, Priscilla and Eloisa were chosen for the YLE because of their leadership skills and passion for inclusion. Congrats on being named the #SOYouthOfTheWeek!

Being part of the Youth Leadership Experience at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle, Washington was the most amazing experience ever. Never have I thought I would be part of something so incredible with my friend Eloisa Pichon: the Inclusion Revolution. (Eloisa said “I like being with Priscilla!!”) During the Youth Leadership Experience, we honed our leadership skills, and made so many incredible memories. One of these memories was being able to go out and support our SoCal teams when they had their games.

Priscilla Price, Special Olympics Chairman Dr. Tim Shriver, and Eloisa Pichon at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games Youth Leadership Experience.

My freshman year, I had the opportunity to join Unified P.E. I am so glad that I did, because without doing that I wouldn’t have found my passion: to be able to be a leader for the Inclusion Revolution and to be President of Unified Sports at our school. I’m going to use all the skills that I have learned over the past year going into my sophomore year, and will work to have inclusion throughout my community. Little things, like having a Unified Sports game and having people in the crowd cheer for our team, make our experience as special as any other sports.

I can’t wait for the amazing years to come with Unified Sports, inclusive activities, and using my voice to have inclusion and friendship spread throughout OUR community. We are so grateful for all the leadership skills we learned at the Youth Leadership Experience, the people we’ve met, and the spectacular ideas we’ve planned for the future. In Seattle, one person told us, “It’s not about the quantity of people that join you, but the quality.” That’s what we are going to follow when building the Inclusion Revolution at our school and community.

Eloisa and Priscilla with their YLE mentor, Jesus Cabrera from Special Olympics Southern California.
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