Special Olympics Indiana: David Paul

Last November, Federico and I had the great pleasure to meet and interview the athletes and coaches of Team Indiana. We met some amazing people and heard about their journeys and a dream of competing at the USA Games in Seattle. During one of our interviews, we had the chance to meet David Paul and his Coach, Bill Newby from the Powerlifting Team. As of November, David could dead lift 260 pounds, but that was not always the case. Ten years ago, David was in a wheelchair and unable to walk. How did David go from being in a wheelchair to deadlifting 260 pounds?

Tim Paul, David’s father, was a former powerlifter. Tim approached Billy Newby, a powerlifting coach about training with David. He asked Coach Newby what he thought about strength training with someone with CP, Cerebral Palsy. Coach Newby figured it could help David, but neither one of them had any idea how much it would help. With the support of his father, Coach Newby, and Special Olympics, David can now do what he has come to love, powerlifting. Coach Newby commented that “In the beginning, David would have to walk up the stairs backward with help. Now he just grabs onto the handle and goes wherever he wants to.” Just in the last year, David participated in the Special Olympics Plane Pull and Fire Truck Pull. In 2015, Tim Paul was awarded best “Coach of the Year,” and David Paul won “Athlete of the Year” for their commitment to the sport and Special Olympics. “David smiles ear-to-ear with sweat dripping down his face. A true powerlifter,” said Coach Newby. David is really excited to travel to the games in Seattle this summer and compete in the Powerlifting events. “This is Special Olympics doing its job,” said Coach Newby. 

 Federico and I have enjoyed meeting the other members of Team Indiana and can’t wait to meet other athletes from around the country to hear the stories of their journey to Seattle.

See you all at the Games.

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