Leading for Inclusion: Atisha and Ravita

Mis à jour : 24 juin 2019

The following post was written by Atisha & Ravita, 2019 Global Youth Leadership Summit Participants from Mauritius. Check out their experience at the Summit, and how they plan to#innovateforinclusion in their community!

Atisha and Ravita with their mentor, Christa

A journey is easier when you travel together. Our innovation project and our experience at the 2019 Special Olympics Global Youth Leadership Summit was the culmination of six months of training and support by our mentors, teachers and peers.

The Global Youth Leadership Summit 2019 in Abu Dhabi was an amazing opportunity to learn and interact with Youth Leaders from around the world who have different cultural backgrounds. This has broadened our perspective of how to incorporate social inclusion in Mauritius, focusing on our homes, school and community. This experience will help us to promote cultural awareness and lead an effective youth leadership program in collaboration with Special Olympics Mauritius. Our project aims to bring a new change to the inclusive community using the Unified Sports model, encouraging children with and without intellectual disabilities (ID) to participate and showcase their abilities. Using this model, we plan to organize inclusive IT academic training sessions to teach Youth Leaders with and without intellectual disabilities about technology.

During the Summit, we attended workshops that were very beneficial in learning how to plan and present a project. This supported the development of our professional, leadership, communication, and socialization skills. By meeting over 150 youth and adult leaders, across 45 countries with and without ID we were able to gather and exchange ideas and projects. One of the biggest highlights of our week included the cultural night when Summit participants were able to show case their culture through dances and songs.

We are grateful to all the staff members who led the workshops. We were able to gather valuable insight and support from all parts of the experience that enhanced our project. A special thank you to our mentor for her support and all the cooperation during the Summit in Abu Dhabi. Finally, we would like to thank Special Olympics for giving us the opportunity to present our project on a worldwide platform.

We are ready to grow the Unified Generation in Mauritius!

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